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08/24/2019  B12:00 AMBantam BYE   Jamestown Blue 
08/24/2019  312:00 AM3rd BYE   Lebanon Maroon 

08/24/2019  B10:00 AMBCreek Black   CVille White 
08/24/2019  311:30 AMBCreek Black   CVille White 
08/24/2019  41:00 PMBCreek Black   CVille White 
08/24/2019  52:30 PMBCreek Black   CVille White 
08/24/2019  64:00 PMBCreek Black   CVille White 

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08/24/2019  B12:30 PMCVille Black   Northmont Green 
08/24/2019  52:00 PMCVille Black   Huber White 
08/24/2019  63:30 PMCVille Black   Northmont Gold 

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08/24/2019  B12:30 PMHuber Red   Xenia White 
08/24/2019  42:00 PMHuber Red   Xenia White 
08/24/2019  53:30 PMHuber Red   Xenia White 
08/24/2019  65:00 PMHuber Red   Xenia White 

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08/24/2019  410:00 AMJamestown Blue   MadRiver Grey 
08/24/2019  311:30 AMJamestown Blue   Northmont Green 
08/24/2019  51:00 PMJamestown Blue   Northmont Green 
08/24/2019  62:30 PMJamestown Blue   Northmont Green 

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08/24/2019  B12:30 PMLebanon White   MadRiver Red 
08/24/2019  32:00 PMLebanon White   MadRiver Red 
08/24/2019  43:30 PMLebanon White   MadRiver Red 
08/24/2019  55:00 PMLebanon White   MadRiver Red 
08/24/2019  66:30 PMLebanon White   MadRiver Red 

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08/24/2019  B3:00 PMSpringfield Gold   BCreek Orange 
08/24/2019  B4:30 PMSpringfield Blue   Lebanon Black 
08/24/2019  36:00 PMSpringfield Blue   Northmont White 
08/24/2019  47:30 PMSpringfield Blue   CVille Black 

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08/24/2019  B12:30 PMXenia Blue   Huber White 
08/24/2019  32:00 PMXenia Blue   Huber White 
08/24/2019  43:30 PMXenia Blue   Huber White 
08/24/2019  55:00 PMXenia Blue   CVille Gold 
08/24/2019  66:30 PMXenia Blue   Huber White 

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08/25/2019  B12:30 PMLebanon Maroon   Northmont White 
08/25/2019  42:00 PMLebanon Maroon   Northmont White 
08/25/2019  53:30 PMLebanon Maroon   Northmont White 
08/25/2019  65:00 PMLebanon Maroon   Northmont White 

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08/25/2019  53:30 PMSpringfield Blue   BCreek Orange 
08/25/2019  65:00 PMSpringfield Blue   BCreek Orange 
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