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Welcome to our DYNAMIC site!


To all of our returning coaches and parents: PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD to all the new coaches and parents! This site is maintained free of charge for all of YOU guys. We count on you to use the site, enter ACCURATE scores, and keep the information flowing. As a few UNFORTUNATE PEOPLE learn, this site can and does permanently BLOCK ACCESS to computers used to enter bogus information. We are happy to say that is very rare.

The 2014 season is loaded into the database! The LIVE SCOREBOARD begins with week 1!! Good luck this season and - REMEMBER - SPREAD THE WORD TO ALL THE NEW PROPLE!!

NOTE: You MUST REGISTER with your email address this year, before you may save scores! This is a FAST, FREE and EASY process! We are doing this to help ensure only accurate information is entered.

Site Features:

  • Individual team pages for every team in the league
  • "POWER RANKINGS" for each grade level, color and CLUB summary
  • Team records automatically updated as scores post
  • Driving directions with maps are available from stadium to stadium
  • Previous season records are available for many past seasons
  • SEEDED Tournament brackets and blog scores available at season end
This year's schedule has been posted RIGHT HERE but is always subject to revision if significant errors are uncovered.

The ARCHIVES section has been restored so you can check out prior year results!

We are looking forward to an outstanding year of competition. Get ready!!



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