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2015 Season has been completed with great success!
Everyone: On behalf of the GCYC governing board and commissioners I want to say THANK YOU for a fantastic season. As we complete our second season as a new Conference and continue to adjust how we oversee all activities and address concerns, I believe we offer the BEST LEAGUE in the area already.

The formula we use to rank our teams is completely PUBLIC and verifiable on the website. There is NO behind the scenes “hand pairing” of brackets, who plays who.

Secondly, we took the results of every game played this season and applied the same ranking method used by the Ohio High School to determine playoff teams and it turns out that every grade was ranked in EXACTLY the same order as our formula calculated. Because we play an 8 game season instead of 10, and because every team is considered “the same division” at our level, the only change made was to base divisors off of 64 games (8x8) instead of 100 (10x10) to weight things equally.

Lastly, our semi-finals at every grade matched 1 vs 4, and 2 vs 3. Even our finals matched 1 vs 2 in four of the five games. We had fantastic matchups in the later rounds instead of matching up two highly ranked teams in early rounds, denying them the chance to keep playing.

A LOT of work goes on behind the scenes on a daily basis among your commissioners, presidents and our head official. We strive to let clubs handle their in-club issues in-club and also try to make sure all clubs are aware when an issue arises that may affect another club. We are constantly looking at our processes to ensure issues are properly handled and elevated when needed. We hope to improve our method of giving a voice to the parents as well as we move forward.

Parents, players, coaches, and scoreboard operators did an OUTSTANDING job of reporting scores both on the MYLEAGUESCORES website and to the GCYC league on a nightly basis. Official reporting takes place via a simple picture text of the daily game report and scoreboard operator recording sheet. Those scores are compared against the website to ensure accurate standings and rankings are maintained at all times. All game reports are reviewed by the commissioners on Monday morning and all clubs get a recap of any reported incidents from the weekend and request for action to address any issues.

The GCYC welcomes inquiries from other football organizations that are interested in learning more about our league, how we schedule games, what our playing rules are, and what is expected and required of you to join us. If you want to field teams to play against excellent competition on a weekly basis, visit to learn more.